Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bringing Things Up to Speed

So much has happened. Sad, happy and everything in between. A fast-forwarded version would be like this. Editor's note; most events listed below have happened whereas some have yet to happen.

  1. I watched Toy Story 3. And I cried. Well, not sobbing crying but yeah, I shed tears. I really grew up with that movie. During the 1st movie, Andy was moving to a new house. Around the same time, I was moving back to Malaysia from the US. Sad times. In the third movie, Andy is 17 & about to go to college. So am I.
  2. I got an invitation from a friend to participate in the Urban Downhill event of the King of Fraser's Hill mountain bike carnival/bash/event/wtv. But I can't go. Huhu.
  3. I learned how to take out my back tire, take it apart (tube & tire only) and of course put it back. Another milestone in learning about bikes.
  4. My grades are slowly climbing. Yaay! Except for Add Math and Chemistry. Huhu.
  5. I'm paying more attention in class than ever before. Which is a good thing
  6. Retirement is looming. -gasps!-. Retirement because I have to sit for a major exam and also because I'm a senior.
  7. PLKN drafts are out. Wonder if I got it. Haven't checked yet. Hehe.
  8. Trials are literally around the corner! -faints-. Haha. Drama queen much. Hopefully I'll do well.
  9. SPM...
So many things... Huhu. I miss blogging. It's been so long. Hopefully my next post won't take as long to publish.

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