Sunday, September 5, 2010

Raya Holidays Have Begun. But Not For Some of Us

The 1 week semester break has been extended to 2 weeks due to Eid il Fitri. So once school reopens, it's 3 days of school and then on Thursday, TRIALS! Huhu. So for those of us in Form 3 & Form 5, these 2 weeks is not so much a holiday as it is a study-a-thon. I feel our exam-oriented system is stressful on students and actually limiting our opportunities to be all-rounders. Too few are scoring A+'s AND excelling in the co-curricular activities. Our syllabus is heavy and I think getting heavier. History is about to be incorporated into the primary school syllabus. The Standard 1 kids are already learning Science. It is literally back-breaking work. Those little kids in Primary school can't lift all those books without damaging the back posture. And when we consider leaving the heavy textbooks in class. It's not allowed. What the?

Anyway, I'm bored and having trouble sleeping. My birthday is in about 2 weeks and my family is asking me what I want for my birthday. The problem is, I don't know what I want. Sure, there are things I think would be cool to have but nothing I feel worth asking for. On top of that, Trials are already very close so right now, I'm just studying studying studying. So much so, my blog has become so very neglected.

I think... for my birthday, I don't want anything as in I don't want a present in the classic sense of the word. I think an outing somewhere, doing something I like would be very nice. Yes, I like the sound of that. Unfortunately, my birthday is the weekend before school reopens and less than a week away from trials so my parents will be reluctant, I imagine. At least, a 'regular' present, I can receive than it's back to my room to study. -Sigh-. I really hate SPM.

Just 2++ more months till SPM... Ouch.

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