Monday, November 8, 2010

Tick Tock Tick Tock Time Is Ticking...

Only 14 more days till SPM... Ouch. I'm not ready! Least of all for Add Math. I can barely pass, let alone scrape an A...

14 more days till the start of SPM. 10 days of exams -- not counting the breaks in between. So that makes... 13 days to go till I'm free! -Gulp-.

-Sigh-. Time to hunker down & give it my all. After that, once I'm done with SPM, I'm going to blank out and forget about everything I've learned and refuse to study. That's a fact. Even if I don't want to -- pfft as if -- I WILL. Especially the last part. After exams, I always have difficulty studying.

Things to do After SPM:
  1. Driver's license!!
  2. Putrajaya Challenge Park. No way is ANYBODY stopping me!
  3. Triathlon. Which reminds me; I need running shoes.
  4. S.A.T. This one is my parents request. :(
There's a lot more on that list but not enough time to write it all down here. Not yet anyway.

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