Friday, June 24, 2011

What A Dramatic Day!

Today was full of ups & downs. The morning started innocently enough; I woke up on time, by 8:15 I was seated in class, waiting for the Precalculus class to start at 8:30. Graphs of Sine & Cosine was quite fun! Hehe! Then, Ms. Tan gave us the results for our Mid-Terms; I got 15/15! Booyah! Then we helped her rearrange the tables for her Calculus I class.

At Sunway Pyramid, Ajit & I browsed through the Focus Point promotion/exhibition thingy. Some nice glasses. It'll be cool to get some. Hehe! After some browsing, with Ajit enquiring about some of the prices, we headed for our cars. Before I climbed in, I took out my Season Parking Pass card. In the car, I noticed that it was gone! Huhu! I looked high & low for it before I spent the next 2 hours either running back & forth between Sunway Campus & Pyramid getting things sorted out or waiting around. -sigh-. Bummer. I ended up praying at the mosque in front of Sunway Pyramid, across NPE. Good thing there's a pedestrian bridge. I should be getting the new card around July.

I got home around 3:30 & left the house almost immediately with my dad to go to the Curve. On the way, a lady from the bank called & I referred to my dad as Dr. Sidek. She misheard me & said Dato'. O_O. After that everybody was laughing their head off. Hehe!

I had lunch at McDonald's The Curve. Their Grilled Chicken Burger isn't too bad, actually. My dad had a Chocolate Sundae while my brother had an Oreo McFlurry. Then it was off to Ikano, now called iPC (Ikano Power Centre). We went to their IT Store to buy a toner for our printer. We browsed a bit in there. I went through their selection of headphones. Quite a selection, actually; they had TDK, Audio-Technica, Jabra, Philips, Sonicgear, etc. I really liked their range of Philips' Sports headphones. Very nice. Hehe! Who knows, maybe one day. Hehe! 8)

In 2 das time is the Genting Ride! Booyah! Really excited about that!
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