Friday, July 20, 2012

Green Lungs

Recently, I've been hearing a lot of buzz abput Kiara being 'developed'. Bukit Kiara or simply 'Kiara' is one the few remaining green lungs left in KL so hearing/seeing news, videos, and pictures of it being 'developed' is very saddening. Outdoor enthusiasts from all ranges be it mountain biking, running, r even horse riding are all at the losing end of this deal. Many trails have already either been entirely demolised or cut up by roads and/or fences.

The lingering question in my mind is why? What are they planning? Why doesn't the government seem to care? Well, that last question is a bit rhethorical. It really saddens me that development has started & ramping up. There are so many groups that use the trails. -sigh-.

I feel like the government and/or people responsible are not doing their part in communicating w/ everybody who uses the park. I hope things turn out OK but not the way its going...

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blogging from TTDI said...

Sir, to answer your questions:

1. 'why develop Bukit Kiara Permanent Forest Reserve into a Large Scale Public Park' - the artificial landscaped cement and steel dream of Jabatan Landscrape Negara (JLN) needs a big mega project, existing mostly for the benefit of the firms doing the construction and their owners. And later it will be a never-ending maintainence contract. But Kiara has not need for money and any 'upgrading'.

2. 'what are they planning?' JLN is planning a 25 year, RM250million construction and landscaping project they call Taman Awam Berskalar Besar (TABB). Think Precinct 16 Putrajaya or Lake Gardens. It will convert the natural secondary regrowth forest into a artificial collection of trees ('arboretum') surrounded by grass, cement drains and roads. Also planned to replay forest are govt offices, foodcourt, tram and buggy terminal, flower shops. We are 8 months into the 1st year, which has brought us the 3.5m x 4.7km steel prison-style fence, new roads, about 10 acres cut and plowed, nearly 3000 trees killed. They claim it is a public asset, yet they (JLN) are destroying it. In the words of the Minister "clearing .. to ensure the protection of the greenlung" is a contradiction.

3. 'why doesn't the govt care'? Because it is the government perpetrating the destruction, within the fence, on public lands. We are not talking about private housing development on private land, outside the fence. It's the contract firms Berkat Prestasi Sdn Bhd and Adi Enterprises for JLN under Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

True they are not informing the public, little transparency, little public input, and totally against the people wishes, of the 10,000 people asked.

We should demand the halt to the earth works and a re-evalution by the public of the whole TABB concept.

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