Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Which Side of the Argument is True?

In light of the recent horrific shootings in Connecticut, I've been observing some debate amongst social media users regarding gun laws in the United States.

Some are saying for people to always have their firearm loaded & on their persons, the younger the better, etc. On the other end of the spectrum, some are calling for either stricter laws or outlawing guns altogether.

In my opinion based on what I've seen in the media (which may be biased/lopsided/etc), as well as during the recent Presidential Elections, the community demanding gun laws stay is rather powerful.  It was one of the topics of debate during the elections & if I recall correctly, neither candidate did much about it.

Given the number of shootings that are happening recently, I think, no wait. I don't think, something NEEDS to be done about the gun laws.  Do I feel guns should be outlawed outright? Honestly, yes.  Is it feasible?  Probably not.  There will be resistance, issues about black market and/or illegally obtained firearms, etc.  In my opinion, each citizen should be allowed only ONE sidearm.  I say this because I'm taking into consideration that there will be those who want to own firearms for personal safety.

At the same time, the protocols and process to obtain said firearm should be strict.  Continuous psychological assessments every 2-3 months, compulsory weapons training sessions every 6 months.  On top of that, each person owning a firearm should be only allowed one full clip of ammunition.  There should be a stamp card system whereby they are only allowed to buy more after 4 months.  No stamp card, no sales.  Any purchases with the stamp card in between those 4 months should come with a hefty premium.

All these steps sounds complicated but let's face it, how many times will a person who truly buys a gun for personal protection fire their gun?  When they do, how many rounds do they actually shoot?  Not too many, I imagine.

For those that want to go hunting, yes, they can buy those but no ammunition allowed outside the shooting range and or hunting grounds.  I'm not sure how the hunting season goes but if there isn't, there should be a booth outside designated hunting grounds where hunters are allowed say 2 clips of ammunition & are required to turn in every unused round.  Extra ammunition may be bought but at a higher price & again, unused rounds returned.

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