Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Boycotting McDonald's? Please Read

This is an open letter to all Malaysians who aggressively 'boycott' McDonald's.  Why do I put the inverted commas?  Because many of my fellow Malaysians are not boycotting McDonald's.  Many are protesting McDonald's.  There is a very big difference.

According to Merriam Webster, the definition of boycott is as follows;

boy·cott \ˈbi-ˌkät\ 
to refuse to buy, use, or participate in (something) as a way of protesting : to stop using the goods or services of (a company, country, etc.) until changes are made

Whereas protesting is defined as follows;


something said or done that shows disagreement or disapproval of something.

Don't believe me?  Here are the links for the definitions of protest and boycott.  I give the definitions to highlight the differences.  Boycotting is a passive act.  Like refusing to eat when your parents didn't buy you that LEGO set you wanted.  Protesting is throwing a tantrum at home because your parents didn't buy you the LEGO set.

Many, many Malaysians are not boycotting.  They are protesting.  Aggressively.  Smashing in windows of cars that have the McDonald's drive through sticker, flaunting the polite request of no outside food by purposely bringing in their own food and eating it within McDonald's premises, and some are even going as far as to ridicule and harass the staff.

If you were to truly boycott, McDonald's should be dead empty with not a single person sitting inside or carrying out any sort of preaching outside. To boycott McDonald's means to completely and utterly ignore the existence of it.  As if it weren't there.  Why would you preach against something that isn't there?

Of course, in speaking of boycotting McDonald's, I cannot ignore the reason many Malaysians are protesting McDonald's with such passion; Israel.   Many a Malaysian will say it is because Israel is committing crimes against humanity in Gaza, etc.  Which is true.  Though I have no doubt this is the sincere reason many are, but it is not the reason many other Malaysians are doing what they are doing.  To those who sincerely protest/boycott out of humanitarian reasons, I raise my hat to you.

These other Malaysians I mentioned are doing this because they are racists.  Racist against any and all Jews.  The attacks on Gaza is merely an opportune moment to openly flaunt their racism.  They hide behind the veil of humanitarian reasons.  They hate the Jews because it has been drilled into their heads that the Jewish are bad, that the Jewish are this hive mind hell bent on destroying Islam.  It makes me sick. 

To the Malaysians who truly believe so, please invent a time machine, go back to Japanese-occupied Malaya and stay there.  The Japanese retreated because the US dropped two atomic bombs, and guess who was instrumental in the creation of the nuclear bomb?  That's right.  A Jew.  A brilliant one I might add.  It was none other than Albert Einstein.  I don't know about you but I'd really rather not be beheaded for not being able to fetch a coconut.

Some info to hopefully get your gears turning;

  1. There are reports of staff being singled out and harassed in mosques during Friday prayers.  Some are even afraid to go back to their hometowns this Eid out of fear of being ridiculed by their own family members.
  2. A vast majority of McDonald's employees are in fact Muslim.  Not everyone is fortunate to be able to choose their careers, so don't ridicule them for trying to feed themselves and/or their families.
  3. Based on some very very rough calculations, Israel losses MYR63,000 due to the boycotting in Malaysia.  Malaysia losses more than MYR3,000,000.  More than 3 million out of our own circulation.
  4. If every Muslim working for McDonald's Malaysia quit, we would have a massive unemployment problem, which will cause further economic problems.

If this is the true identity of my fellow Malaysians, I want no part of this brutish, ignorant, brash culture.

Now I'm not saying do not boycott, that is your own choice.  It is also other people's choice to not boycott McDonald's.  Respect that and respect the employees.

Thank you for your time.


If you are preaching in front of McDonald's, eating nasi kerabu in McDonald's, smashing car windows, and/or harassing staff, you are NOT boycotting.  You are AGGRESSIVELY PROTESTING McDonald's.

If you totally ignore and avoid McDonald's, THEN you are boycotting.  Please.  Learn the difference.

And bear in mind that even boycotting McDonald's has adverse effects on our own economy.  Protesting has adverse effects on our economy AND people.  Please, boycott considerably.

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