Monday, January 21, 2008

SMKBJ Roadrun (update-last one for year 08)

Thank goodness the run was over. I was faster than I anticipated. I guess there were less umm... factors, to hold me back. That, coupled with my trusty PDA. I practically smoked most of my friends (note-'practically smoked' and 'most'). Penat giler after that. I swear half of us were half-senile due to insufficient amount of oxygen going to the brain. Some of the guy runners, unfortunately were born senile/gay.


mia said...

and you think excess of swimming won't wear wont wear down your ligements? any strainous activity will wear down the bone but running up or down a hill is worse because the pressure on you joints are more imense. and jogging over the mostly flat surface of our town is not going to damage ur joints... or else all those profesional athletes wont be profesional. how do you think they build stamina? by doing sit-ups?
don't argue with me on medical and athletic issues i read the medical mags that my mum leaves around and i read all the sports books.
and by looking at you i wouldn't belive you are as active as you say you are...
i still can't shake the image of you running in the 2005 100m dash... it was...grueling.
and if you swim about 20 times per...week? you would have enough stamina and endurance to tolerate the muscular pain as well as the tiredness of it all.
dude, if katie holmes can do i8t without grumbling in her blog, i'm sure you can. so shut up and run!

mia said...

that's weird considering that you were grumbling when they showed you the road... and you were grumbling to me via sms that you were exausted...
i dought that you ran all the way.. even i dont and i'm way fitter than you (i'm not boasting...just telling the truth)
what place did you get?
i'm talking bout' the marathon.

mia said...

but who gave him the power of a trainer?
the only reason his name is so high is cus all of the atheletes last year brought back medals for him to bask his glory in.
he was angry that i won high jump last year instead of this really nice girl. he trained her extra, and she followed his technique... i didn't so when i won he said that i won only by advantage of my height... yes i have an advantage but his way of jumping isn't the only one.
he has no control over me because i don't respect him. no one does. he has no determination at all bacause if he was determined to win that compotition he would actually care if he did. and as you said he probably dosn't.
as for the grumbling before and after thing, if you were to give your everything on running you wouldn't grumble because you would actually be looking forward to running... that's the only way to give it your all, so you did not give it your all or you would have won or at least got 2nd or be listed, that's what sets apart the winners and losers, its their determination and pasion for douing something that gets it done good, that is the law of the universe, that is the secret ion motion, that is why you did not try your full potential at running.
i know golf is very hard, its the hardest sports ever invented, i know, cuz i tried it out. yet you dont grumble about golf cuz you enjoy it.
that's psycology for you.
and thanks for the advice, its appreciated even if it does not make sense, but situations can change, so you're advice might reign true one day.