Tuesday, January 8, 2008

SMKBJ Roadrun

I hate it!! I would have given up had it not been for my MP3. Running isn't even good for the knees and and lower body joints! What more long distance! Why couldn't they put endurance cycling instead, it would be more fun. I hate running.

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mia said...

for your information.

running don't make your bone ligaments to dry up and cause acheing joints unless yo do it downhill.
and people can tell you don't like running by looking at you.
cycling dosn't build stamina unless you do it up humongous hills and if you hate running so much you should try swimming!

anyway, about the greek god thing, i know he's a womanizer...or godessniser.... but it still shocked me how people could respect him! he was certainly made to look like a nobelman in 'hercules' the movie.
which i find rediculous... no ofense to the greeks of the world! (we all love those cheekbones) but i just don't get it... how men haven't changed since ancient greece... the more the man score he's the man but when a girl do the same then she's a whore (not that i encourage woman to sleep around...STD and all that)
but when a man's a whore everyone salutes them... zeus is a classical example!