Monday, March 31, 2008

The Final Hour

In this final hour,
The road you take is the path you make,
For in this final hour,
Right and wrong are one yet different.

In this final hour however,
All is not lost,
For the youth are our saviours,
Their naive outlook,
Their untainted minds,
Their passionate and undying love,
How and what they are taught,
Is what stands in between our survival and our undoing,

For in this deciding hour,
All we can do is to make sure our children,
The future of mankind,
Does not pay for our mistakes.

-Aqil Zakwan


mia said...

huh... interesting...
does this mean that certain parent are now going to stop letting their children by being babysitted by their 6 year old children like sharline?
she is after all probably paying for her parents mistakes...

as for the joke.
in our school speaking your mind and dirty jokes dont do good for your reputation, because aparently, taking about sex openly instead of being a hypocrite and taking about sex secretly and then shun everyone who has the female balls to say it out loud is not a social option in this all girl hypocrital world.
in short because i know about dicks, vaginas, boobs,ass and orgasms i am a sex maniac in my friends eyes. they ask me questions and i answer htem in the most matter of fact way.
and by the way,
i'm not that inocent.

mia said...

yeah, i guess i'm not that stupid.
i wont lose my virginity to some guy i just met for two second, nor a guy i might know for ten years who's a jerk...
i might lose it to my fiance through...
i think thats the point...