Monday, March 31, 2008


Legends are never born,
They are made,
By their great deeds,
By the strength of their backs,
Their hearts of gold, or hearts stone cold,
Stories forged make them more,
More than mortal, but less than immortal.

In the end, they become dust,
Like any other mortal,
And their tales, like all tales,
Becomes history,
From history becomes legend,
From legend to myth,
Then their tales of greatness are lost.

For this cycle,
This cycle of tales,
Remembers many,
But immortalizes few.

-Aqil Zakwan

1 comment:

mia said...

like the incan's gods?
they used to be worshiped,
then they became legend,
but now a myth

and the greek gods?
used to be worshiped,
then became legend
then ridiculed by man and made into myth

they were religions now just a matter of delutions, i wonder which is the next to "evolve"?
or will man get a brain and stop disgracing each other?
only time will tell.