Tuesday, October 21, 2008

After PMR

The days ensuing the end of PMR have been filled with mind-numbing, time-wasting activities. & it was fun. My bro had to attend a birthday party at the Ice Rink in Sunway Pyramid several Sundays back. I know, I know, why didn't I publish this article earlier, rite? Anyway, when we arrived, the birthday girl & her entourage who were already on the ice, practically plastered themselves against the window shouting my brother's name. Couldn't help sniggering.

I bought a pendant there. It's pretty neat. I've attached a picture. My mom's in Canada for 10 weeks so whenever I skip school I get the house mostly to myself. My cat is always keeping me company. Very cuddly sometimes. She left on the 1st day of PMR so I didn't get to see her leave. It's OK though, I still get to chat with her. Thank the US Army for creating the internet all those years back.

PMR itself wasn't so bad. All you have to do is prepare properly for it. For those who are going to sit for PMR next year, enjoy the 10 months of studying. For those who have taken it, 8A's!!!

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