Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Poem Recital

This Saturday there is some "Majlis Graduasi" for the Form 5s. I simply must question the logic in this; the SPMs haven't even started yet. And the school is complaining that only 6 kids have paid for the thing. I mean, why must I PAY to get out of school?? Someone please clarify whether the school is screwy or has reached some kind of level of enlightenment higher than Buddha? I don't know.

Anyway, back on topic; I have to do a poem recital during the Graduation Ceremony. As much as I despise the school's logic, I accept it. Why? Because that's the best way to get on stage. I love performing on stage. Or rather, in front of a crowd. Presentations, skits, it doesn't really matter. I like being able to do something in front of a crowd.

There I go again; going off topic. Another bad habit. But who cares, it makes me who I am.


DAYANA said...

Wow, didn't know that you love performing. so do I :D

mia said...

oh well, they're lucky they have you for the poem recital, if SMKBJ is anything like all the other goverment schools in Malaysia, they speeches must have been pretty boring, i dont get why the "important people" have to recite they're speech as if at a funeral?! the point of a majlis is to CELEBRATE something!, and i DON'T mean the death of your brain cells!
oh yeah, at least you wanted to speak in public...albeit in riddles (hmmm, have you ever considered a career as a lawyer?) i got short listed for this public speaking course by my English teacher, i dont mind speaking in public, its just the fact that i pity the students, they cant understand me when i ramble the way i do... btw, happy end of the-end-of-your-social-life PMR!!!!

mia said...

btw, my reply to ur comment on my blog, is there on my blog, just go to the same article and read it.