Friday, April 10, 2009

The Bucket List

I just watched the Bucket List. It's a great movie. Heavy drama. Very moving. I think, I'll write my own bucket list. For the heck of it. And as time progresses, change it, or slash out whatever has been achieved. So here it goes:

1) To be able to slow dance on a beach under the stars or during sunset with her.

2) Make it to M.I.T and graduate.

3) Get a good, solid, steady job with a good income.

4) Own a Corvette or a Mustang


Faez said...

i liked the movie too.
it good that you have one. hope you'll get to do it all:)

Holly Golightly said...

i never get bored watching the movie, and being the emotional wreck that i am, i cried even when it was my 4th time watching it. ahahahaha. how can you get bored with Jack Nicholson anyways?

and for your own bucket list, i like the first one on your list. ;p