Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sports Day

(Spoken in a very caring, soft and gentle way)
Dear Datin,

Fuck you, you fat bitch.

Lots of Love,

We hate you. Seriously, we do.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I can write what I want. Today was our Sports Day. It was OK. Considering that the Fat Bitch tried -- for the 3rd year in a row -- to give us a heat stroke.

Her speech was SOO long. Several Kadet Bomba members and 1-2 Jupiter kids collapsed. Kadet Bomba had the thickest uniform and we were doing the most dry-runs before the actual event. Not to mention practicing the last minute changes for the Kontinjen Bendera. Stupid school. The other platoons were wearing lighter clothes -- either in terms of material or color.

Then again, this is SMKBJ we're talking about here. The only thing that isn't retarded are the students and select teachers. I'm wasting my energy typing this and your time reading this. A thousand apologies.

But enough bitching. Um... Sports Day was OK. Not as many people collapsed during the running events. The music during the cheerleading was quite good actually. Much better than last years' and infinitely better than the melancholic crap they -- the DJ -- played before the march.

Jupiter's platoon was awesome. I like their theme very much -- commando. Mars was also very unique -- Spartans. Earth was OK -- superheroes -- but Mercury -- sorry to those who are from Mercury -- needs some serious help. Sure, the idea -- werewolf -- was OK but the idea didn't flow properly from brain to drawing board. Never mind drawing board to props. Guess whoever drew it wasn't majoring in art, eh? Hehe.

Today was OK. After the sports day -- which was ended by the cheerleaders' performances, I went to Sg. Buloh with my fam to buy some plants. Then I took a nap and woke up to find my Atuk and cousin downstairs.

Now I am wrapping up this post and hitting the shower.

Au revoir

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mia said...

what is this?! the whole cast of twilight? you the vamp now the werewolved aliens from mars!!!
where can i sign up?