Monday, August 24, 2009

Back From Tukwan's

When Ramadan came, I was excited to go back to Taiping because normally during Ramadan, at around 6 or so, my cuz and I play a bit of soccer. I always lose but hey, its fun. Not losing, having fun with my cousin is fun.

Anyway, I thought we would be going back at the end of Ramadan. I was wrong. We went back to Taiping on the FIRST day of Ramadan. Hehehe. After my Add Math tuition that Saturday morning, I went back, packed up and after helping my mom a bit with the baking of two Crumbly Apple Pies -- my mom's Apple Pies are so YUMMY (Homer's day-dreaming tone).... my mouth is watering at the thought of it -- we hit the road. But first, we visited my cousins who just got back from Canada. It was good to see them again. They renovated their house quite a bit. It is very nice now. The boys are die-hard Man Utd fans and they decided to repaint their room in the same color & pattern as M.U.'s latest jersey. Yep, that die-hard. We left and hit the highway to arrive at my Tukwan's house around 7 or so. We broke fast at Maghrib and I enjoyed the food -- mom's spaghetti & apple pies along with the delicious food I always get at Taiping. *waterfall cascading out of mouth*.

The next day we went to Pasar Ahad to buy some supplies but there wasn't any santan so we went somewhere in town where there was this really old wet market. The whole build was OLD. The architecture was really neat. I couldn't resist taking some pictures. It's not often I step into a wet market that old. Well, I hardly step into a wet market at all but you get the point.

I really want to keep going but my brother is nagging at me to play PS3 with him so that's all for now.

Au revoir.


syazzone said...

wow. ur ramadhan's is eventful. heh. haha. u noe, i dint get to read ur comments 4 my last post. but, haha. i never tot of dat.=D

syazzone said...

BWP is the bdn wakil pelajar.
n i am not chosen.. haha. atleast, i knew that i have what it takes to be one.. batrisyia was chosen tho. im not surprised..

syazzone said...

ouh. everything DO happens for a readon.. haha
n, her name is bold beuz, i want toshow that bj students shine in PC.. haha..