Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Swim, Two Exams, and an Endurance Race.

Finally the weekend is over. Time for me to recover and recuperate. On Friday, I had my Bronze Medal examinations. I passed so now I'm a qualified life guard! Hehe! It was actually a lot of fun! There were only 2 timed events. The first was to swim 50m (any stroke), rescue the victim and tow him back 50m with the assistance of an aid (a short rope). The time to beat was 00:03:00 minutes. I clocked in 00:02:48. Hehe! The other timed event was the rope toss. You have to gather the rope, roll it so that you can toss it well to the victim who is about 10-20m out in 'open' water. Time to beat; 00:01:00. My time: 00:0043. Muahahaha! I also did very good for the other events. My 'victim' -- a fellow exam taker -- said that my chin tow was very comfortable. Muahahaha! Luckily for me, the guy was a floater, despite being on the heavier side. Me? I sink. Heh heh. Sorry. He had a bit of trouble with me. Hehe!

Saturday was my SAT. Huh. Go figure, the first three letter of Saturday spell SAT... Oh well. Hehe! It was alright. Kind of fun. I like the way they handled things. Very efficient. And punctual. The test was 3 hours and 45 minutes, EXCLUDING breaks. 0_0. It was definitely a LONG day... & Sri KL's swim meet next door wasn't helping. The speakers were loud and quite frankly, distracting. After the test -- the math sections practically flew by! -- we went to Bangsar Village because we needed a couple of things. We had lunch at Subway along Jalan Telawi, then swung by Rodalink Bangsar -- one of my favorite bike stores -- for a bike pump. Hehe! A small one, something I could mount on the bike. We got a Topeak Turbo Morph G. It's a bit long but it does the job. Plus, it isn't too expensive. Hehe!

Today was the Token Bikezooka MTB Series #2. The 4-hour endurance. I reached the finish line after my 4th lap at 3 hours and 36 minutes. I could've gone for another lap and it would still be counted even though I finished after 4 hours. I didn't go because my legs were cramping up. My left calf had already given in & let me tell you, cramping unexpectedly like that hurts. Thank god I wasn't on a precarious ledge or anything, else I would have most definitely fallen down. Even then, it was essentially a collapse onto the ground. It really hurt. A helpful rider gave me a tip how to pedal with a cramp so thanks!! The riders were cool and fun to hang out with. Of course, I only made a bit of small talk but it was fun nevertheless. The track this time around was a bit longer, 9km per lap rather than the previous 6km. There were longer climbs and less technical descents which suited me. My only dissatisfaction was the fact that some parts of the track went through open spaces. The day was BLAZING HOT!! There's freaking lines on my thighs -- from the tights --, and on my wrists -- from the gloves. The trail was dusty and required a lot of pedaling but all in all. A ton of fun. Hehe!

After 3 days, I am now a qualified life guard, I have done a 4-hour endurance event -- and lived to tell the tale --, and I've done my SAT.

Next on the list -- besides college -- Fun Ride to Genting, 26 June 2011. 8D

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