Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Equipment!

As I had published in one of my previous posts, I had gone to the Putrajaya Challenge Park on Monday and it was a blast!
I got a small cut on my knee and some parts of the track I did were risky so my parents decided that I needed knee and elbow guards. I expected to get them next weekend or maybe even next month. What I didn't expect is I would be getting them the following day! I was overjoyed! I found an open store in Shah Alam. Due Roda Extreme is the name of the store. It is a really cool store. The store itself is divided into two; one for mountain bikes and mountain bike related products, the other is for motorcycles. It was an interesting combination.
Another surprise when I bought the guards was that I also got a full face helmet. I was a bit taken aback when my parents subtly agreed to my gawking. Hehe.

I got a pair of FOX Racing Launch knee/shin guards and a Mongoose elbow + knee guard set. My full face helmet is a limited edition matte bronze FOX Rampage DH Helmet. DH means downhill, just so you know.
FOX Launch Knee/Shin guards
FOX Rampage DH Full Face helmet

And my dad told me something really cool last night. He noticed an eagle on the back of my helmet and told me that there's a Latin constellation named Aquila. Hehe. I did something digging around and Aquil is actually a variant of the name Achilles. Interesting. Hehe. So the helmet has some distant relation to my name. I like that. And I had no idea when I bought it. It caught my eye in the store and the rest is history. All the other helmets weren't as appealing.

I just thought it was really cool.

That's all for now.

Au revoir.

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