Monday, February 28, 2011


I've said it before; once I'm bored, I start doing lists. So for today, I decided to make a list of cool things I found that would be neat to own. Hehe!
  1. GoPro HD Hero. It's a camera for action sports. With an assortment of mounts, you can mount it anywhere to get that awesome footage. The HD Hero model shoots in 1080p videos and 5mp pictures. Impressive considering it's just this small little thing. P/S; the camera is mounted on the helmet. You don't get a free helmet (nor goggles) with the purchase of the camera. Hehe!

  2. A cyclocross bike. Cyclocross is sometimes written/typed as CX. They look identical to road bikes with the drops bars and all but they're actually built to go off-road. Pretty neat concept. Hehe. If you notice the bike in the picture below has drop bars and rather thin tires, reminiscent of a road bike.

  3. Some ring I found on this website called Novica and it looks like a Jaguar. The animal, not the car. It's a really nifty looking thing. I like that the ring has features all around. Not just on top. And also, it's not you standard band nor is it the standard one-stone-on-top-with-engravings-all-around-it kind of ring.
3 things that I think would be pretty cool to have. Hehe. Hmm. I wonder if I should squeeze another list here? What the heck, why not. I think this time I'll write about things I want to be able to do one day, and I'll work to it. Almost like a set of goals.
  1. Build my own bike. As in buy the frame I want, the components I want and build it from the ground up. That would be awesome. Although, I would either need to learn how to assemble a bike first or find somewhere I can get it assembled. Though I really want to be able to participate actively in the assembly rather than just sit there and watch a bunch of bike technicians put together my dream steed.
  2. Study engineering in the US. Mechanical engineering, specifically. I don't know why, but materials engineering really interests me.
  3. Visit my foster-grandparents in Canada. Lue (my foster grandmom) visited us late last year and it would be really nice to be able to go visit them.
  4. Ride the trails in Downieville, California, and in Whistler, British Columbia. Ah, mountain biking heaven. Oh, and Ray's Indoor Mountain biking Park in Milwaukee. Hehe! I know, you're thinking, "Indoors? I thought mountain biking was about being OUTdoors?", and you are correct up to that extent. You must remember, though, winter can be harsh. Besides, you gotta try everything once, eh? Well, almost everything.
  5. Bungee jumping. Hehe!
  6. Not forgetting the most important of all; enjoy life.

I think hat's all. Au revoir.

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