Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Longer Green.


Random? Not quite. Bear with me here for a while.

Today, we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya and got a Lowepro camera bag for Akid. It was a Flipside200. Awesome bag. Compact and sturdy. Not to mention perfect for cycling because it's a backpack.

After buying a few supplies at Cold Storage, including chips, pita bread, canned tuna, and mayonnaise -- among others -- we had lunch at Taman Warisan nearby. Awesome local food. They have a Satay Kajang Haji Samuri outlet there so we ate there. We had some daging (beef), ayam (chicken), arnab (rabbit), perut (stomach, which only my parents ate), and rusa (venison). Hehe! The venison was a bit tougher than beef and I couldn't really tell the rabbit apart from the chicken. Heh. I'm a horrible food critic.

Putrajaya Challenge Park was next on the agenda after lunch. 8D. At PCP, we changed into our shorts and jerseys, unloaded the bikes, put on our helmets and sunglasses, and started the warm up climb to the trail head. We only did the Core Green Loop because none of us had totally mastered it. Yet. After doing the loop, I told Akid to walk back into the trail and take pictures as I came down the downhill switchbacks. Hehe! Mama took some good pictures herself.

I had been itching to give my dad's bike a go on the XC loops of PCP so I did. I tackled all 4 legs in one go. It was a blast. My dad's Specialized Hardrock Pro climbs like a freaking mountain goat. All the climbs I had difficulty with on my bike, I could do on my dad's bike. Of course, being used to a full-suspension and my dad's being hardtail, it was a bumpy ride. But hey, that's mountain biking. I had a blast riding my dad's bike! The last leg for was the hardest part for me the last time I went to PCP. I had difficulty with the downhill switchbacks on the last leg. This time around, I was able to do them flawlessly. -cue applaud-. XD. Just kidding. It did feel good, though to be able to do those switchback descents without skidding or crashing.

Tomorrow we plan to ride GCE. Woohoo!

Please don't rain.

Au revoir.

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