Thursday, February 10, 2011

251st Post!!

I would have done this one my 250th post but I didn't notice that it was the 250th. Heh heh. My bad.

Anyway, I recently bought a book. Finally, a book. Hehe. I'm an avid reader & as I was browsing through MPH Subang Parade last weekend, I realized it's been a while since I read a book that I wanted to. The latter part of last year many of us had our noses buried in reference books, text books, notes we took down during class, etc, gearing up for SPM. Now it was time I got something I wanted to read.

I've always been intrigued by mystery novels; the Hardy Boys, Famous Five, etc. So I got one. Want to guess what book I got? I'll give you a hint.

Look familiar? I'm sure it pretty is. Yep, I got myself a copy of 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Somehow, despite being a fan of mystery books, I had never read any of Sherlock Holmes' Adventures. Sure, I've heard of some of his stories but never actually read them. It's a nice book. I really like it. It's from Collins Classic and the language is old English. Really sounds nice. Kind of hampering my reading speed but hey, I have time. I'm taking my time reading it, enjoying the stories.

On a different note, I'm currently training & gearing up for 2 races. The first is going to be next Sunday -- 2oth February 2011 -- and is called the Kencana-SIC Bikeathon

I'll be racing in the Junior Open Category & it's 5 laps x 5++km. So roughly about 25km. For the F1 aficionados, they will know that SIC stands for Sepang International Circuit. Yes, the race will be held on the actual circuit. I think I'll enjoy this one very much.

The next race I'll be participating in is called the Token Bikezooka Series.

It's more like a tournament because there are 4 races & you will earn points for each race. What's unique about this event is that the riders are not sorted by age but by skill. Therefore, at the end of each leg, it will be decided which rider goes into which category. Throughout the series, it is possible to be promoted/demoted to higher/lower categories depending on how you perform. There is of course, certain criterion that needs to be fulfilled before that happens.

Like I said, there will be 4 races. 3 of which will be Cross Country or XC and the other one will be a 4-hour endurance! Woohoo! I know that this is your most likely expression;


Definitely need to train as well as get to know the track. Looking forward to all the races.

Tomorrow, Weii Syuen is having a gathering at Domino's D'Bayu. Glad my parents said I can go. Yaay!

Hmm. What else? Oh right, before I forget. This Saturday, I'll be picking up my 'L' license! Kind of nervous. Heh heh. Insyallah I'll be alright. My mom had booked for us to watch a performance by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra! It's going to be the night show thus very formal. Good thing I found my dad's old blazer hanging in one of the closets in my granddad's house. My granddad had it made for my dad when he -- my dad -- was my age. And it fits like it was tailored to me. I really take after my dad in terms of build.

That's all for now, au revoir.

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