Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Fever!

So as most of the world is well aware, ongoing right now is one of the greatest sporting events in the world; The Olympics.  People all over the world have been glued to their TVs watching their favorite athlete run that bit faster, smash that bit harder, push that bit more, cheering them on, feeling their pain, their joy, feeling pride in their athletes regardless of a win or not.

Malaysia may be a soccer-mad nation -- yes, soccer -- but when it comes to the Olympics; there is one sport that I can safely say ALL Malaysians are eyeing; badminton.  Since the glory days of the Sidek brothers, Malaysia has been a powerhouse in badminton.  The Men's Singles final was a replay of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Sad to say, even right down to who won the match. :(

Nevertheless, our Dato' Lee Chong Wei performed superbly, gave it his all, never backed down, but most of all, held his composure till the very end.  Chong Wei, you are one awesome player.  It is sad you did not win gold, but not winning gold is not losing.  The way you played is the farthest thing from losing.  The entire match more akin to a 100m dash than a boxing match.  It wasn't about defeating your opponent, it was who would reach 21 points first.  Congrats Chong Wei, Malaysia is completely & thoroughly proud of you.

Malaysia's next hope is Azizulhasni Awang.  Our very own Pocket Rocketman.  Competing in the Men's Individual Sprint as well as Men's Individual Keirin, I would say he has a good chance of bringing home another medal!  Yeeha!  So do tune in & watch him!

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