Thursday, August 2, 2012

Keeping Fit

Ramadan is a tricky time to stay fit. It's very much possible, just for me, it requires more discipline compared to other months.  Usually after iftar, I'm either too full/worn out to do sports and/or I am going to tarawih with my family.

My parents seem fine with me doing exercises late-er due to Ramadan but when something isn't in your routine, it feels odd. Maybe I still should train at night, like when I played rugby; we trained at night after tarawih.  I'll do that.
So tomorrow night, night run. I'll try to hit 6km & see how I fare. Minimum distance I need to run is 4km. I'm sure my fitness is quite bad. I haven't really done much training since Port Dickson International Triathlon, which was about three weeks back or so... O-O

September is going to be a busy busy month.  I have the Adidas King of the Road 10km road run, Taiping International Marathon (I'll most likely be doing the 21km half-marathon), Desaru International Triathlon (still deciding between the Sprint or Long Distance), AND the Salomon X-Trail 10km trail run. Whew.

I'll probably go for the half-marathon for Taiping, & the sprint for Desaru, just so that I can manage.  I'll barely have any recovery.  It'll be every weekend, and I have classes too. Hmm.

We'll see.

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