Monday, August 27, 2012

Open Season?

Classes have resumed.  Last two semesters have felt like open season & I was the deer.  Mechanics & Heat  in the short semester, then Multivariate Calculus in the following semester were really a blow to my CGPA.

I've probably rambled a lot about this so I'm not going to say anything more.  Let's just hope that hunting season is over & this little deer is not going to face anymore trouble.

This semester I'm only taking 3 subjects; Thermodynamics, Electricity & Light, & retaking Multivariate Calculus.  Multivariate Calculus has a new lecturer so hopefully she's good.  Going to work hard at all my papers now.  Have to.  Need to bring up my CGPA so I can apply.

Talking about applications, I'm now looking at Canada rather than the States due -- primarily -- to safety issues...  There has been literally a shooting every week.  It's frightening.  Going to apply to McMaster, University of Calgary, & Queen's.  Not too sure about getting accepted into Queen's but I'm still going to try.  Who knows, right?

So, during the term break, 4 of my friends flew off Stateside.  Coming back after one of the trips to the airport, I got rear-ended pretty badly.  Everyone was OK but the car was quite bad.  Good news, it wasn't my fault as I was already stopped at the red light & it's already done. Damn ambulance chasers said it would take 2 months.  2 months my ass.  Good thing my family & I don't trust them.

So, it looks like my racing season is kicking into high gear soon.  Events on September 16th, 22nd, 30th, and November 4th.  I'll have to work hard this coming months to juggle training & school.  Good thing my schedule this semester looks pretty relaxed so I have time to study and train. Insyaallah it'll stay that way.  My Wednesdays could be busy, though as I'll have Committee meetings.

So, wish me luck, I guess.

Random thought; Ben l'Oncle Soul is a french singer with a very nice voice & very nice soul songs. :D

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