Friday, March 20, 2009


You know there are stories that the Devil will try an create his spawn and create hell on Earth? Well, I can reassure you, the Devil did not have a single spawn. He had 4.

Enough of the doom talk. My youngest aunt came over with her 5 children to pick up my grandparents before going back to Taiping. Her eldest son is OK. It's her other 4 that are nuts. They're all only 1 year apart. Crazy. I had to resist the temptation to throw them out of the house. Literally. The only thing stopping me was that their parents were present. I raised my voice once and -- luckily -- I got away with it.


It's a good thing they were there for only a short while. I swear, any longer and their van would be carrying 4 adults, 1 child and 4 corpses.

That doesn't include the cleaning up of the mess I have to do. Their smudges all over. The mirrors, the TV, the chairs, the tables. Then there's the food all over the floor. Rice. Fried rice. & their parents let them have tea with sugar. Genius. And before leaving, their parents kept saying "nanti, tidur dalam kereta, ya?". Good f___ing luck getting them to f___ing sit still, much less get them to f___ing sleep.

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Jajakins said...

last paragraph, I can't stop laughing! HAHAHA