Monday, March 30, 2009

SMKBJ Needs a Change in Management

I'm not kidding. Today during Assembly, our headmistress -- a.k.a the fat bitch -- said that in the past three years (08, 07, & 06), no one had made it to at least the Nationals. Bullshit. What about that that guy from Taekwando? He made it to the Internationals. Read my lips, fat bitch: I-N-T-E-R-N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L-S. In Jordan. And the girl before that, made it to the Internationals in Australia or something like that.

Then again, that fat bitch has the tendency to give speeches like she's in a drunken stupor. Probably is.

And how the hell does the fat bitch expect us to make past the Zones with the bullshit they claim as training? Take for example the debate team. Our team was made up of myself and three Form 3s. Less than a week before the debate, the teacher changed the lineup. I'm the only one who stayed. The Form 3s walked off with our research. Not that I mind. They have the right to. They sacrificed 3 weeks to do research for the debate topics. And what do they get rewarded with? The boot. Bravo. Way to encourage them to join next year. Yahoo. Oh and all our previous points, the teacher threw out the window. And why did we lose? 'Cause the teacher wouldn't let us use our old points.


Sorry, correction. Bitches.

The only times our students have excelled are due to individual efforts, external coach, or guidance from one of the few, better, teachers in our school. God save us all. At this rate, I have a feeling we would feel right at home at some inner-city high school. Hell, we probably wouldn't even notice the difference.

I'm not writing any names to avoid legal implications on those who have nothing to do with whatever truth I have stated above. And many apologies should I have accidentally offended any of my readers.

Except the fat bitch. If she's sober enough to understand what I wrote.

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