Friday, May 1, 2009

The Good Things in Life Come in Small Packages

Today I woke up at 7 -- despite it being a public holiday. Rugby practice at 7:30. Arrived at 7:40. Arrived at the same time with Dagan. We arrived at the same time & we were the first to show up. After most of the team showed up, we started warm-ups and training. At around 10-11, the MSU kids showed up and we had a small friendly. Played 4 quarters and 10 a-side. We lost 5-1. Not bad considering we went up against college kids. We wrapped up at 12. There goes half-a-day. One of my teammate's dad is MY dad's classmate. Talked with him a bit.

At home, I down a can of Hansen's Ginger Ale. Damn those things are good. Better than 100 plus if you're exhausted. Before hitting the shower, I helped my mom to prepare mashed potato. Then I offered to help with the pan-fried meat, only to get shooed away. Hehe. Lunch was awesome. Then again, it's my mom who cooked mostly, I shouldn't be surprised. What I was surprised by however is that my mashed potato turned out so good. Though my mom threw in a few ingridients but compared to what my mom did for dinner, it wasn't the same. Strange isn't it?

Anyway, something came up last minute so I had to miss Friday prayers. Sorry, Arif. Afterwards, I sat out on the terrace on our newly received garden furniture and browsed the net on my laptop. Hehehe. I love my HP Mini. It's spectacular. Then my lil bro played PS3 so I watched. We had snack while watching Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa with my mom. She hadn't gotten around to watching it.

It has been a simple, stay-at-home day. Well, mostly stay-at-home. But it's been great. Good food, good game, good life. Alhamdulillah.

Now I am wrapping up this post while listening to Tush by ZZ Top.

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