Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nighttime Escapade

Hi everybody.

Just got back from dinner. We went to visit a family friend who was in town from Holland -- Nina. She's a Malaysian but her husband is Dutch. Food was brought by everybody. Hehe. There was a lot of food. My family brought Domino's, Feisal & Nadia (another family friend) brought KFC & Nina, our gracious hostess had ordered McDonald's. Oh shoot. I forgot about the McFlurry she bought. Oops. Sorry Nina.

Anyway, going to her house is always fun. Her son, Johan is very interactive. Nice kid. Problem is, he tends to speak Dutch so we're all enjoying hearing him speak the few phrases that he knows. He's really grown from the last time I saw him. It's been a year or so, I think.

Feisal & Nadia are -- somewhat -- newlyweds so they brought along their photo albums and we had a lot of good laughs over the pictures and old stories. My brother played on Nina's piano/keyboard a bit. He's quite good. Considering he doesn't study music outside of what is being taught in school. He's also good at the MusicDJ app on his phone.

Frank -- Nina's husband -- wasn't there. He was in Holland for business purposes. Great guy. Really tall and lanky. Great dad to his son. I'm glad my parents raised me in a similar environment -- interactive, safe, proper, attentive and curiosity-allowed. A number of my cousins have their curiosity 'killed', so to speak. It means that their parents just give them orders instead of talking to them and when there's a restriction, they give old wives' excuses instead of explaining why. A lot of people I know who really pay attention in raising their kids say it is VERY tiring so they do not have that many. But families with a lot of kids, often the kids are more or less neglected. It's kind of sad.

There I go again, straying off topic. The dinner was great. Simple food, good people, a lot of laughs. A good night escapade. Hehe.

What I don't understand about the conversations we had after dinner at Nina's was she said, "he's a teenager and he's talking about cars." We were talking about cars because Feisal asked what car I would want and I answered either a Corvette or a Mustang and then I went on ranting a bit about it. Need to ask Mama & Abah about it.

Aw man. Tomorrow I have Chemistry. Shoot. I have read up. But I'm afraid it's not enough. Better pack the references. I don't want to open my bag to find it void of the proper references -- like what happened to me today for Biology.

Au revoir & bonne nuit (good night)

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dayana said...

i like this, you should stray off topic more. haha