Friday, May 15, 2009

Someone Found the Book of the Dead..

OK maybe not quite that literally but it HAS been a while since I last blogged. It's been 13 days. WOW. Almost 2 weeks. Anyway, Mother's Day has gone by, Syaza & Syarul have moved to different schools, I got a new position on the rugby team, I'm turning down the chance to go to Perkhemahan Peringkat Negeri for Bomba and exams have started. So much has gone by.

On Mother's Day, we didn't really do anything... Hehe. But my family isn't that big a celebrator of Mother's Day & Father's Day... So my mom was cool about it. She cooked and it was fantastic. Missed her cooking.

Syarul went to Victoria's Institution (V.I.) and Syaza... Um... I'm not sure where she went. Wonderful friend I am. I think she went to MRSM. Oh so did Syahirah and... Syuhada I think. T-T. I'm a bad friend aren't I?

About rugby, there's a tournament coming up in June. 10 a-side instead of the regular 15 a-side. So the game is gonna be faster. We're training on that. If it's on 15 a-side, I'll be one of the Wings. For 10 a-side, I'll be on the forward (the one who tackles). Woohoo! Specifically, the hooker. Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up. But if you saw me play, you'd be bitting your nails. If you want more info, just let me know or look up Wikipedia. I love being on the forward -- you really get into the heart of the game.

Tomorrow is the selections for the State-level Bomba Camp. I'm not going. It's more of bad timing. Sorry, Faris but I have to focus on my exams at the moment. So sorry.

Today was the first day of the exams. Agama paper 1 & 2. T-T. I hope I did OK...


dayana said...

syaza's in bagan datoh or is it datok/datuk? heh. perak la anyw

Jajakins said...

It's been long since I read your blog. But no worries, I'm reading it now starting to the last post I read.
Anyways, I'm in Sekolah menengah Sains Bagan Datoh. and yes, dayana's right, Perak. (: