Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Pain. The Harrowing Pain. And the Anger

I'm glad the school holidays are here. Unfortunately, they have brought quite a lot of disappointment in the past 3 days. I'm actually scared of what is to come the next 2 weeks.

I'll only be writing about my main frustration which is about the cancellation of our vacation to Australia thanks to my little brother

I HATE HIM!!! He burned 4 fucking grand on a Sony VAIO laptop he doesn't even fucking need. His laptop costs more than a round trip to Australia for fucking out loud. He's the one who insisted on going to Australia and he's the one who was so adamant we save. And then he prances along and burns 2 grand on the PS3, RM200++ on a computer game and 4 FUCKING grand on a laptop!! Why the laptop? So he can play with it around the house. FUCKING FUCK!!!!!!!!! I waited until AFTER PMR for a laptop and he gets it just like that. I friggin' hate him

I'd kill him myself if he wasn't my brother.

The latter is what really ticks me off.

Enjoy the holidays everyone!

Au revoir


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dayana said...

jahatnya syazwan you lol-ed :p i know how you feel aqil.

Shanya said...

gosh i know siblings can be annoying!!!

Jajakins said...

A story of mine, I didn't get ANYTHING for PMR results, because I thought my dad spent too much on my brother.
-Before UPSR, he got an 800 bucks acoustic guitar.
-When results came out, he got xbox 360, extra gameS and wtv wtv darn accessories
-CNY, he managed to get PSP when we were at Singapore. And the game gile batak punya mahal.

So, yeah, siblings can really ruin our happiness. And I still didn't get anything for PMR except the money school bagi and Sime Darby bagi last monday.
I just hope my parents are not gonna like spend MORE on my brother. Blahhh.

aheardwhisper said...

look on the bright side.
i bet your using his laptop to update your blog and stuff.
hi-5 to your lil' bro.
me and him have the same laptop.
Australia ain't that great anyway.
their racist.
especially when it comes to asians like us.
ok, now i seem racist.