Monday, January 5, 2009

1st Day of School '09

The first day of school was... eventful. Most of the morning was spent shuffling classes. But we're probably going to end up reshuffling -- again -- because we haven't been streamed yet. Aargh. All this trouble because some government officer did a surprise pop-in. *Sigh*. But I'm definitely going for Pure Science. I think I prefer being in 4 Beta compared to 4 Epsilon. It seems... livelier. But mashing Alpharians and Lambdarians isn't exactly a match made in heaven. Especially given our 'rivalry', being the two top classes and all. But I think sooner or later, we'll learn to be one big family -- just like every other year.

After the assembly, we were initially arranged according to our old class. Then we were slowly but surely shuffled. I ended up in 4 Beta. Liyana, Farah & Lyn ended up there too. I was fine with it. The way I see it, less peer pressure to succeed. I hope. Anyway, there were those like Hsiang & Mikhail who were taking it lightly. They were laughing and joking and it looked like they were happy. Lyn was in tears it seemed. She wasn't pleased at all. Farah was slightly discontent but at least looked like she was dealing with it. Liyana... she seemed like she was weighing the pros and cons. Sofea in particular isn't happy. Since Liyana & I get the same class -- again -- while she stayed in 4 Epsilon. 4 Beta & 4 Epsilon are the same level; like Alpha and Lambda previously. Though us Alpharians didn't want to admit that. Hehe.

We got our schedules but ironically enough, we haven't been streamed so there might be those who want to go into Commerce but end up -- temporarily -- taking up Pure Science subjects. Oh, and on Wednesday, 4 Beta goes home at 2:30. T-T. I'm not sure about the other classes but according to Pn. Suhaila, every class will go home at 2:30 on one of the days but which day that is varies from class to class.

I need exercise books. I haven't bought any. Hehe.

Anyway, that's all for now. Au revoir.

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Arif. said...

um, 4 epsilon goes home at 2.30 on wednesdays too. saddd