Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Nightlings (Pt. 7)

"But why is he after me? And I need to know more about my powers mom. You said there are limits so what are they? And is there some kind of code I must abide by or something?" Maya asked; wanting to know more.

"Tomorrow, Maya, I promise. First, all of us need to get some sleep," and Jonathan showed Aaron and Maya to their respective sleeping quarters. To Maya’s relief, she had her sleeping quarter all to herself. After a long, hot shower, she climbed into bed and tried to go to sleep. She spent most of the night tossing on her bed, unable to make much sense out of what she was just told. Why was this vampire after her? What were the limits her mom had told her about? In the end, Maya fell into a fitful sleep.

It felt as though Maya had just put her head down when she was awakened. Opening her eyes, she saw Anna staring over her; her black hair falling over Maya’s face.

"Wake up, Maya. We need to get you some new clothes. So that Jean’s men won’t recognize you. Sitting up, Maya was so groggy she tried to lie back down only to have Anna grab her arm. It immediately jolted Maya awake. It was ice cold.

"Why is your hand ice cold?" Maya asked.

"Aaron didn’t tell you?" Anna started.

"Of course I didn’t," they suddenly heard Aaron’s voice by the doorway, sending both girls jumping with shock. Neither of them had heard the door open.

"And when exactly were you planning that?" Anna asked, hands on her hips; obviously not pleased with Aaron’s poor choice in timing.

"You know well enough I’m not the one to do the explaining," Aaron mused.

"Fine but I’m still taking Maya out for clothes. We need to throw Jean’s hounds off her scent. Take a shower then meet me in the garage. There’s a hoody and a pair of jeans in the drawer," and Anna left the room with Aaron following suit before Maya could ask him what he had evaded the previous night.

After getting dressed, Maya headed for the garage. As she stepped in, Luther threw a wrench at her and just as Maya recoiled to shield herself, the wrench hung in mid-flight. Maya slowly brought her arms down and stared at it. Then she focused on it. The wrench spun around and shot back at Luther. He caught it and crossed his arms, looking slightly towards Maya’s left.
"Told you she was gifted," he spoke.

Turning towards where Luther gazed, a girl stepped out of the shadows. She was dressed in a tank top, cargos and combat boots. She had a grease streak under her left eye and wore a bandana around her dirty blonde hair.

"Maya, Sara. Sara, Maya," Luther introduced.

"Hi. You’re the other girl that sat at the table with Aaron right? Besides Anna I mean,"

"Yes, I am,"

"You look so different when you’re in school. Not as… brutal," Maya finished. Sara merely chuckled.

"I get that a lot from Luther and the rest,"

"Anna said to meet me in the garage. Any idea where she is?" enquired Maya.

"I’m here Maya," drifted Anna’s voice from the doorway, "come on and let’s go shopping. You interested Sara?" Anna asked, turning to her.

"Um… thanks but no thanks. I’ll stay here with Luther and she grabbed one of his massive arms, hugging it.

"Um... Anna, if you haven't noticed, we don't have any form of transportation out of here and I doubt my dad's gonna let us out through the front door," Maya reminded Anna.

"Sure we do. Luther, where's the car?" Anna asked, turning to Luther.

"Fourth garage door to the left. Enjoy, girls," and Luther turned back to the Jeep he was working on before Maya stepped in.

Opening the garage door, Maya first saw a pair of mean eyes and then a brilliant glossy black hood stretching up before her. On the lip of the hood, a pair of wings with the words 'Aston Martin' emblazoned on it. It was a beautifully crafted car. Walking towards the back, the model name was badged in chrome. It was an Aston Martin DB9. It was a simple but captivating design. Climbing in, Maya settled into a comfy leather seat. Everything was powered. Anna then climbed in and started engine. Revving it a bit, she then shot the car out of the garage. Maya was gripping her seat and screaming,

"Anna! Slow down! You're going to hit the wall!"

But miraculously, they didn't. Anna swerved with a precision inhumanly possible with flawless timing. As they climbed out of the garage, Maya eased her grip on the seat but kept her hands there; terrified should Anna pull a stunt like that again.

"How the hell did you do that?" Maya asked, breathless.

"Sorry, I probably should refrain from doing that," she muttered under her breath, "Maya, I'm not the one to explain. Aaron knows who should be the one to do the explaining... Listen, I know you must be frustrated all of us are evading that question but please, just let it go. For now," she finished.

"Very well. Where do you plan on going shopping?"
"I know a place," and they sped off on the empty road.

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