Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Form 4

Form 4 is actually quite cool. Bio rocks! I'm considering EST -- English for Science & Technology. It's supposed to be an easy 'A'. We were supposed to do streaming today but apparently not. Slow school... Anyway, school so far has been good. The canteen sucks though. Nothing to eat. At least nothing caught my attention. Remind me to try out the nasi goreng or wtv they're selling that doesn't look contaminated.

Anyway, I'm thinking of being more active in co-curriculum. For sports, I'm picking up Rugby. I know I'm not built or anything but I want t0 give it a shot. Maybe I'll end up the runner or something. I'm resuming Kadet Bomba again. Oh oh oh, and ELS -- English Language Society. I know, Why that? Why not something new? Well, Bomba & Rugby are both tiring so I want something I can do in my sleep.

I guess that's all for now. I'm supposed to tone down on bloggging. Hehe.

Later. Au revoir.

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syazzone said...

oh well, i'll try to be as loud as i can be so 4eps will be better. haha.