Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bad Morning

This morning was NOT my morning. First it rained in the morning before I left for school. That would make the first leg (downhill) of my trip to school dangerous as the sidewalks would be slick. The sidewalk on the second leg (uphill) has better grip. Then near the end of the first leg, my tire slipped and I fell, sliding a short distance. Genius sidewalk-makers who used concrete instead of tiles. Thankfully my bike only took cosmetic damage.

Then on my second leg, it poured. Yahoo. So when I got to school, I was drenched. By recess I still wasn't completely dry. The gloomy weather didn't help. The rest of the day was OK. I enjoyed Mod Math. I really like a lot of the topics. Much to my girl's displeasure -- I know you weren't too happy with it. She also complained my bike was tall, needs a stand, etc. But I'm not changing anything about it. And its not 'just a bike'.

That's all for now. I might update again later but don't count on it.

Au revoir

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