Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Interesting Day In A Long Time

There are two very important events coming up. One is Hari Raya Eid il Fitr. I know everyone is getting hyped up for it. Is it just me or do I feel more hype among my friends this year? Oh well.

The second important upcoming event is my birthday!! Its in two days' time so boys and girls, I expect you to break the bank getting me all kinds of expensive presents! Muahahaha. Just kidding. A sincere 'Happy Birthday' is sufficient. And please smile. In case some of you were planning on saying it half-heartedly. There's only one teeny problem. I don't know what to ask for my birthday! Is this normal? I don't know but I seem pretty content with my life. I mean, sure there are a few things I would like but I'm afraid of breaking the bank. Hmm...

Anyway, this morning took an interesting turn while I was getting ready. I was still in my towel and about to put on my contacts when all the lights in my room went out. I went to my parents room to check on them. My dad almost jumped out of bed thinking he had overslept and we were running late. He calmed down a bit when I said there was a blackout. I grabbed the flashlight and put my contacts on before getting dressed. The whole time I was walking around in a towel and one my contacts on my finger. Hehehe.

Our automatic gate has a little glitch; we can't change it from automatic to manual so my brother had to hitch a ride with our next door neighbour and I cycled. It was tiring. I probably wouldn't be so tired if I wasn't fasting but these are all tests from the Almighty. Despite leaving the house later than I'd like to make it to school on time but miraculously enough, I made it before 7:30. Muahaha! Not bad considering I left at 7:20 and I live in Tropika II.

The day got more and more interesting as it progressed. During Mod Math, Pn. Zaini asked us to draw the net drawings of polygons, cut them out and assemble them. It was fun. During Bahasa, we had a parliamentary debate. The topic was 'Wajarkah P.P.S.M.I. Diteruskan?' My team agreed with the title. Though we lost, it was tons of fun! Fitriyanna -- who was on the opposing team -- actually fought with the Speaker! Just like in the real Malaysian parliament. Hahaha. Everyone was having a good time laughing, clapping and arguing. I really liked it. We should do it again.

I cycled back and Mama was home. So after getting ready, she dropped me off at tuition. None of us brought our laptops. I thought the teacher was kidding when he told us too. But apparently, the last chapter was most easily taught using a 3D software of some sort. We all watched a funny video of Hang Tuah failing his SPM examinations. It was really hilarious!

I came home and took a nap. I was really beat. Now here I am, wrapping up my latest post. It feels good to be able to write another long post. Oh, after this I'm going to KLIA to see my cousin off. She's going to Mother Russia to pursue a medical course. Good luck to her!

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