Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ding! Ding! Ding! Last Round!

I've finally finished the heaviest of 9 of the 10 subjects. Like I've written in my previous post(s), I'm taking 10 subjects totaling about 23 papers. O_O".

So I've done 21/23 papers! YEAAH!! The heaviest are over! Today was Biology. Next week is English for Science and Technology (EST). I'm not panicking too much because all I need to do is read through my National Geographic magazines. I have around 2 years worth of them. Hehe! Great pictures AND great articles. I guess you could say that National Geographic is what got me into amateur photography and writing. To top it off, I've always loved animals and the environment and issues that matter so it was a really natural fit. When I mean issues that matter, politics doesn't fall under it. Unless it's something really major and/or will affect me.

Speaking of which; in Malaysian newspapers and/or news networks there's too many of these things:
  1. 'Politics'. It's rarely about government bills, new legislations, etc. It's often about people cutting ribbons and fancy-schmancy ribbon cutting ceremonies. Big waste of taxpayers money.
  2. Sports. I can open up the sports section in virtually any newspaper and find at least 3 articles on the same bloody thing; soccer in Europe. What about the development of our NATIONAL athletes? We're doing awesome in cycling, diving, rugby and swimming. I don't see these articles getting the top spots in the papers.
  3. People. Well, these are most visible in tabloids that claim to be newspapers. Here is where you can find all the weird news. A headline I remember was "Ayah Masuk Kelambu Saya" which roughly translates as "Dad Climbed Into My Mosquito Net". Good god, is this what Malaysians love to read? -Shudders-. Scary. No substance at all.
Oops. I've strayed very far off topic. Hmm. Oh well. It feels good to be able to type seriously again. Hopefully more blogging and updating about what I see, hear and feel in the days and weeks to come!

Editor's note: Sorry to anyone who felt offended by what I've written in this post and at any point in this blog. I know some of the things I say and write can be a tad bit controversial and I know would upset some people.

That's all for now, au revoir!

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