Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello? Anybody Home?

Yesterday, we had cleaned the fishpond -- that was exhausting. Today, we planned to visit my grandfather -- or as my brother, my cousins and I call him, Atuk -- in Banting. Worrying that there wouldn't be any food, we swung by KFC at D'Pangkin to buy a bucket -- this is a rarity. We bought the one that can feed 5-6 people. Bloody expensive. RM75++.

So we officially hit the road around 11:45 or so. An hour's journey coupled with bad drivers -- there seem to be a lot of those in Malaysia -- and we were at Atuk's doorstep around 1:50-ish. Amazingly, no one was home. His car wasn't in the driveway. We swung by my cousin's house which was in the area and they too weren't home. We figured there must've been some kenduri somewhere and Atuk sort of forgot about us. Huhu. Well, he doesn't get guests too often. So for the heck of it, we swung by Pantai Morib. My first time. Hehe!

Before that, my dad said that if followed the sign to Pantai Kelanang, we could get to Morib. He said once he tried, overshot Pantain Kelanang and ended up at Morib. Taking his word for it, we agreed. On the way, there was a scene and this 3-junction. A truck had run down a public phone booth. Quite a scene. And the police officers looked lost and unsure of what to do. The area we were entering was near Jugra, essentially the birth place of Selangor. This is where the Selangor sultanate originally started. Bukit Jugra was where the kerabat -- royal family members -- were buried during the days of the Selangor sultanate.

Further on, we got a bit lost so we doubled back and took the more conventional route to Morib. Hehe. But during our detour, I saw some pretty kampung houses. They were well taken care of and the land area was quite impressive. But that's the typical kampung house. Wooden structure, often on stilts and quite a bit of land -- aside from build-up area.

Oh, and we passed by the late Haji Sidek's house. The family home of the Sidek brothers. Misbun, Rashid, etc. The Malaysian badminton heroes. They have quite a big compound. We saw a couple of kids playing badminton at the back of the house. The detour was almost a trip back in time. Not just because there was a lot of history and old houses and all but also because my dad kind of told us -- my brother and I -- things we previously hadn't known. Small things but you can be amazed how a small thing can give quite an insight into a person.

After some travelling and a funny banner, we got to Morib. It was quite nice. Pantai Morib, that is. According to my parents, a lot had improved. We didn't actually go to the beach but the nearby parking and waterfront area was kinda cool. We found a spot and started eating. Amazingly, we finished the whole bucket. Intended to feed 5-6 adults, it was finished by 2 adults -- who are sketchy around KFC -- one adolescent and one 11 year old. Not bad. I used to sort of like KFC's mash potato and coleslaw. But after eating the one we bought, yuck. I can make better mash and coleslaw. Way better.

Regarding the banner I mentioned earlier; it was regarding coconuts for sale and it said, "2 biji RM10, 3 biji RM10,". Everyone was laughing their heads off. I took some pictures but I haven't managed to upload them yet. Hopefully I'll be able to.

Back to the story, after finishing the KFC bucket, we washed our hands, prayed and my mom wanted some -- as my little cousin Aisyah would put it -- ayak nyiok. In proper Bahasa it can be written as air nyiur or air kelapa. In plain ol' English it's coconut water. Bloody expensive. The sotong bakar -- grilled squid -- was bloody expensive too. In total it was around 20 ringgit or so. And not all of us had the coconut. Akid and I don't like the coconut water. Is that term even accurate? Coconut water? Well, you get the general idea. According to my parents, the coconut water was so and so. I took a small break from typing this and googled coconut water and I was right; it IS coconut water. Huh. Go figure. Still sounds kind of weird.

Anyway, we left Morib and headed home after that. Got home around 6:30. Would have been 6 but we stopped by a local grocer for some supplies.

That's all for now. Au revoir.

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