Monday, December 13, 2010

The Final Hurdle

Here it comes,
The most important,
Most challenging 4 weeks,
Of our illustrious high school lives.

It may only be 10 days,
But the days are placed,
Over a span of time,
22 days to be exact.

3 days,
Then 4 days,
Followed by 1 day,
Again and Again.

These 22 days are represented,
By the most feared 3-letter acronym,
Known to Malaysian high schoolers,
It is SPM.

It is our final set of hurdles,
That last stretch,
Witching hour,
Zero hour.

This is the leap,
We took our breaths during the trials,
Now we jump,
But we are yet to begin falling.

24th November 2010

Note: I wrote this on the second day of SPM, I think.

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