Friday, December 17, 2010

What? Where? How?

There's so many questions! What do I want to do? where do I want to go? how am I going to afford it?

Let's start with the first question; what.
What do I want to do? I feel like taking engineering but I'm not sure I can carry it -- thanks to poor grades in Add Math so far. I really REALLY hope I did way better this time. Insyaallah. If I do go for engineering, what type of engineering? Not civil. You're not supposed to take that right away, I think. Mechanical? I like to tinker with stuff but I'm not too sure about job opportunities. -Sigh-.

Second question; where.
This is very much depended on what course/field I'll be taking. But I really really want to go to the US. Maybe Canada. Ivy League colleges are too expensive. The US and Canada have a lot of good colleges. I'm looking for a QUALITY education. Any good college should provide that. I'll just have to keep scouring. Right now, I'm just looking at application deadlines, entry requirements, tuition fees, location -- this translates almost directly to cost of living --, application steps, etc.

Third question; how.
How am I going to afford the tuition fees? Now, tuition fees here doesn't mean tutoring like here in Malaysia. Tuition fees is essentially how much it will cost to go to the said college. This doesn't include travelling, eating and boarding expenses. -Gulp-. I'm looking at some scholarships to help me with this.

Insyaallah things will work out fine.

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Sharanya said...

I'm having all the same questions too sometimes i think about it and just wish we had a little more time to you know think i guess. But im doing alevels not science lol so I'm hoping by that time I have the answers to all these questions.