Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 1 @ Fraser's - June 4th 09

Woke up early that morning. Helped Mama get make the final preparations like packing the food and getting the golf bags ready. We were getting ready to head out for Fraser’s Hill. Myrra's grandfather jokingly called it ‘Freezer’s Hill’. Haha. After breakfast, I carried Peach in and to everyone’s horror, his freshly healed stitches had reopened and was bleeding. Peach being extremely dominant, got into another scuffle with a seasoned stray. The stray is quite formidable himself. So while my parents and Akid rushed him to Lynn’s Vet, I packed the final items and awaited their return.

When they got back -- minus the cat -- we hit the road. The journey took 3 hours. Part of it was because we took a gross wrong turn after exiting the Highway. Hehe. We were soon back on track and progressed up the winding path. I was doing good for most of the trip but got a little nauseous and dizzy as we approached the Gap -- a notoriously winding, single-lane stretch of road. The direction of flow of traffic through the Gap alternates every hour. Once you enter the Gap, you cannot pull over so if someone is dizzy, get a barf bag ready.

The scenery going up before the Gap was breathtaking. We passed by a dam on the way and the reservoir was HUGE. The whole journey was a lot of fun. Once we reached Fraser’s, I stepped out of the car for some fresh air. The air was nice and cool. After collecting the keys, we went to the apartment we rented, M58. After lunch, we took a nap and then headed back out to see what was around. Naturally, we took pictures at the clock tower and several other interesting landmarks. It was a lot of fun. We read a brief history of Fraser's on one of the billboards. Hehe. Not sure how accurate it is but I'd say its reliable enough.

I bought a Fraser's long-sleeve tee as a souvenir. Hehe. Normally people buy souvenirs on their later days, not the first day but what the heck. We had dinner at Shahzan Inn's restaurant. It wasn’t that great. Kind of costly too.

Tomorrow we’re going to play golf at the nearby 9-hole and go jungle trekking the next day. Woohoo!!

Au revoir.

This is the first highland vacation spot I've ever visited. Yeah, yeah, don't bother me with the "you've seriously never even been to Genting?!" questions. I've heard them too many times.

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