Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 3 @ Fraser's - June 6th 09

Woke up late today -- at 10. After a breakfast of cold scrambled eggs -- hehe -- we got ready and went hiking. I wore my Mooks jacket. Muahaha!

We’ve trekked through -- in order of trekked first -- Bishop‘s, Kindersley‘s, Abu Suradi‘s, Mager‘s, Hemmant‘s, and Maxwell‘s. I n total, we trekked through 6.55 km. And that’s only the trails alone. Not yet counting the journey back from the trail ends to our CRV. Wooh! It was a lot of fun.

Some of the trails merged into one another. Others were close enough for us to go trail hopping.

Kindersley’s was a very lively trail. A lot of birds. It was an extremely short trail but we took quite a while because there were so many birds. It was so fun watching them. The Abu Suradi-Mager trail was also cool. There was a lot of birds and a lot of interesting foliage. Where Abu Suradi’s and Mager’s trails met, there was an old house which is said to be Abu Suradi’s old house. He was the only Malay tin-ore miner in Fraser’s during the 1800s which is quite a feat.

The house is old, rundown and looks downright creepy.

There were a lot of birds along the Abu Suradi-Mager trail. The favorite bird I saw was a black and orange bird. It was really neat. It had a very nice call too. Must’ve been because it was in my favorite colors. Hehehe.

The longest was the Hemmant-Bishop-Maxwell trail. We hopped from Hemmant’s to part of Bishop’s and we continued to Maxwell’s. Maxwell’s alone is 1.8km. Phew. Maxwell’s is not a very well worn trail, it’s damp so there are leeches, parts of it are steep, there were several minor landslides prior to our trek and treacherous. But damn it was fun.

Once again, I took up position of the photographer and boy did I take a lot of pictures. I kept having to catch up with my family. Not that I mind. Hehe.

Today was a blast! I really got to make use my Salomon sneakers! Yaay!

Today was our last full day at Fraser’s. Huhu.

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