Thursday, June 11, 2009

For the Unsung Hero

This is for those,
Who have always stood ready,
To catch those in need,
Be it friend or foe.

Is cruel,
It is unforgiving,

Will cause a void,
Of heartache and pain.

For those who fall victim,
They need someone,
To encourage them,
To get back up.

It is not easy falling victim,
Nor is it easy helping those who have fell,
But for those who can,
Their efforts are deeply valued and always remembered.

They are the unsung heroes.
Of the lifelong war,
Against the pains of life,
For the tiny, fleeting pleasures it offers.

They can be anyone,
From counselors,
To parents,
To best friends,
To the everyday person who was willing to listen.

Such an action,
Of moral support
No matter how unsung,
Is the most treasured one.


mia said...

they are no longer unsung, you have sung the song and written the lyrics.
now everyone who reads this will sing the song of the unsung hero.
btw, the masochist thing? i put that in just for you...and you still corrected me! :-)
i really don't know why i bother!
btw, "a heard whisper" loves to write poems to. you should read her blog.

aheardwhisper said...

'thanks' Myrrah.
for promoting my blog.
my poems aren't as deep as yours.
this poem reminds me of William Butler Yeats, the poet.
i dunno why myself.