Saturday, February 7, 2009

BJ Alumni, Here I Come

There's been a change of plans it seems; I AM going to Rugby MSSD after all. My parents gave me the green light.

The coach hasn't assigned us specific positions yet but we all have a general idea of where we'll be. I'm on the backline (runners) and I should be the 1st Center. I'm the 2nd guy right behind the Fly-half/Standoff (same position, different names). The Scrum-half collects the ball from a scrum, passes it to the Fly-half and then the Fly-half passes it to me. From there we keep passing until another scrum, try or we lose the ball. Ironic; my dad was on the forward when he was playing for MCKK but I'm on the backline. Go figure. I probbably lost a majority of my readers by the 2nd sentence but it's ok. If you're intent on knowing more, either Google it, Wikipedia or just ask someone.

That's all

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