Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rainy Day

I skipped KoKu today. Thankfully. I had to walk home and if I had stayed, I would've got caught in the rain. Though I feel kinda bad for missing ELS for two meetings straight, I have my priorities.

I was considering going for Lompat Jauh for the Sports Day but decided against it. I'm already going for so many activities right now. I just joined Rugby, and I'm going for Perkhemahan Peringkat Daerah this April. Not to mention the piling homework and the march for our sports day.

D, I have no idea how you can keep up with all your activities. You're not downing raw coffee beans are you? I hope not.

1 comment:

Jajakins said...

dude, just come to the darn earth practice laaaaa... Last monday, the only f4 girls were me, erin and nad. I know, pathetic.
But seriously dude, just DATANG...... And and this monday punya latihan, we buat lompat tinggi, lari. but wtv it is, DATANG JE LAAAA...........