Sunday, February 22, 2009

The End of a Long Weekend... Finally

It's the end of a long weekend for me. The barbeque was held at the ship-like park at Jalan Ubin. It was great. Quite a number showed up actually. I was surprised that there were that many people. But you know what they say; "the more the merrier" and merrier it was.

Attended Farah's surprise farewell party on Saturday morning. It was great. The food was great. I'm sure those who attended would've noticed my laptop... I was supposed to go to Marr's house for debate practice afterwards but since no one else was going I decided not to.

Today was the friendly against Seksyen 9. It was a good game though we lost. 15-0. I think. 1 try (touchdown) is worth 3 points. Some of the players played a little rough (on both sides) but it's all good. That's the beauty of Rugby. It's fair and despite all the hard-knocks, its a gentleman's game.

My weekend's been so busy. I still have homework to catch up on. T-T. Hopefully I can do it. Hopefully.

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