Monday, February 16, 2009

Homework, Debates, Rugby, Barbeques & Tests. Yahoo.

So many things to do. Homework so far is still manageable -- though barely -- and I have 'a few' events coming up;

1. Debate practice at Marr's house on Saturday. 9 onwards

2. Friendly match against Seksyen 9 this Sunday. Not sure of the time and location.

3. Barbeque organized by the Rugby team. Not sure of date, time and location. Yeeha.

4. English oral test. Starting tomorrow. I still don't know what topic to do. Aargh!

5. Finish up Chemistry notes. T-T.

6. Modern Math homework. ToT

7. Add Math homework. Uergh. My heart. *thud*


Reysha Carlton , said...

Seksyen 9?? :O

Reysha Carlton , said...

Hahah awesomee. I wish I could go see it. :p