Monday, November 23, 2009


I used to wonder how people could live alone with only dozens of cats for company. I've discovered the reason why.

It's simple, really and almost profound. Cats don't betray you or hurt you. They may bite and scratch but physical injuries heal. The same cannot be said for emotional injuries. Such injuries leave behind deep scars that never totally heal. Scars that are ready to bleed all over again under the right -- or rather, wrong -- circumstance. The best thing about emotions however, is that it can be locked away just as easily as they can be hurt.

And with the right attitude, it need only undergo a certain trauma once to be mostly immune to it. Unlike the physical body which needs to go undergo the trauma multiple times before being able to endure it without significant damage.

And yet another miracle of emotional pain is that it can be cured as quickly as it can be inflicted. Amazing isn't it?

As we all know, humans can experience a vast degree of emotional fluctuations. What one may not realize is that which emotions we experience and when, is determined by our upbringing, further diversifying the context of human emotion. Simply spectacular.


syazzone said...

thx. i wonder, how are u? all of a sudden, u talk about emotions.. are u alright? heh.=D

nurdini izni said...

good point! :)