Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rugby World Cup 2011

The next iRB World Cup is being held in New Zealand in 2011, the same year as the Olympics. Considering where it is being held, I really much rather go to New Zealand than England. If I could. Haha.

The first game kicks off in Eden Park, Auckland on September 7, just 10 days before my birthday. Woohoo! Hehe. On top of that; the first game is between New Zealand and Tonga! Both have their own war dances which would be really cool to watch! Hehe. If only I could go. Hehe.

And I've always wanted to visit New Zealand. Oh well.

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syazzone said...

haha. yeah. n im not stopping yet.. going to bkt merah this monday. hehe. =) u're not going anywhere?