Thursday, November 19, 2009

Postcard from School

This isn't really a postcard. I'm just publishing this post from school's Pusat Akses -- the only computers that have internet access which are accessible to students.

Liyana seems a bit dissapointed. I'm not sure why. She wouldn't tell... I wish she would.

There isn't much to write about. Today certainly has been interesting. Ayie & Fit are making ribbon-lapels for our class party later this afternoon.

I hope it rains AFTER the party. And tomorrow. Then at least the field will be wet again for rugby. Muahaha!

Aizat & Nadzirah are sharing a computer because there aren't enough internet-accessible computers here. Deliera & Timmy have their own computers while Erin is showing Liyana some online bartending game of some sort. She seems to be having fun. I wonder why Liyana is a bit gloomy. I want to know what's bothering her but she woulnd't let me in...

-dissapointed sigh-

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