Monday, November 30, 2009


Just thought I'd publish a post on sounds that I like. These sounds may or may not necessarily be relaxing. These are just sounds that I like.

  1. Waves breaking and crashing against the beach. Cliche, I know. But its so rhythmic and relaxing.
  2. Running water. No, not tap water. As in a stream or river. This one is not so rhythmic but still relaxing.
  3. Car's engine revving. Haha. Yes, I'm somewhat of a diesel-head. But I'm not into the shrill cry of F1 engines. Something deep. Muscle car sort of deep. Almost roaring if you rev it. That sounds like power to me.
  4. Keyboard being typed on. I know this sounds strange but I like it. To me, it sounds like inspiration being transferred and molded into a story.
  5. Camera shutters. The 'click' that goes off when you snap a picture. I like that. Especially when you've managed to get a really good angle and create a very interesting snapshot.
  6. Golf ball. When you take a nice, relaxed stance, swing that 7-iron and hits the ball with satisfying 'thup' and sends it sailing 100 metres before rolling another 3 metres. That's satisfying.
  7. Piano. The sound of someone playing the piano is very nice. Very relaxing. It can't also be very dark. Though organ is unbeatable when it comes to playing dark tones.
  8. Kenny G on saxophone. He is an amazing saxophone player. The tunes he plays are fantastic. They're so great to listen to.
  9. Guitar solo/opening. This is especially great from 80's rock and/or 80's heavy metal. Judas Priest, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Guns'N'Roses, etc.
  10. Applaud. Haha. I like to heard people applauding. Of course, its most fun when they're applauding me but it's also a great mood lifter, most of the time. Besides, what's more fun than hearing your team mates cheer when you've scored a try against the opponents?
  11. Liyana's voice. Even a simple 'hi' immediately makes me grin like a moron. I'm serious. When she says 'hi', I go on high, sort of. I can't stop grinning and smiling. The moment I see her smile or wave at me, my day seems to brighten up.
  12. A kick. No, not taekwando kick. When you release the rugby ball, it comes into contact with your swinging foot and it goes sailing perfectly with a 'thup', that's nice. Though I'm a horrible kicker and this doesn't sound good when you're getting tired, the people who catch it are kicking it back and forth and you have to chase the damn ball. Haha. Seriously, when that happens, its not fun.
  13. The sound of my bicycle tire against the tarmac. I don't know how to explain this one. I just like it. Maybe because I know I'm moving? Haha. I guess so.
That's about it, I think. 13 things. Hmm. Yep.

That's all for now. Au revoir.

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syazzone said...

u wanna know what sounds do i like?
the sound of the shower in my bathroom early in the morning. that really wakes me up. haha.